Bio - Allie Kelley

Inspired by the ocean, mountains, naturally beautiful places, and hard to reach destinations, I share my passions for creativity, exploring, and the outdoors through photography and storytelling. Photography offers a lens through which to share my visual perception of the world while stories provide a glimpse into the reality of the experience, and a means of communicating the adventure and inspiration beyond the photos. With a preference for wild places and new cultures, my work aims to promote conservation and awareness of the natural world while encouraging others to explore beyond their own comfort zones.

Originally from the coastal state of Massachusetts where I spent summers by the sea, I have since moved to the other side of the world twice, living in both Australia and Hawaii. With interests ranging from technology and entrepreneurship to international travel, adventure, and marine conservation, I always enjoy new challenges and perspectives.

Beyond the photos and stories, I want my work to make a positive and tangible impact on a cause that is bigger than myself and support the greater global community.  Therefore 5% of every purchase of a print on this website will be donated to the Marine Megafauna Foundation for whale shark research and conservation in the hopes that we can support these magnificent endangered species. For more information on this cause and the environmental benefits of your support please view the Whale Shark Initiative.

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