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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you learn about photography?

In college, I took a course called “Travel and Photojournalism in Sicily”. We studied travel writing and photography for the first half of the semester, spent spring break touring around the beautiful Italian island of Sicily, and throughout the final semester we edited our work, adding travel tales and touching up the photos in Photoshop. This class led me to purchase my first digital camera and work with the Adobe Suite for the first time. Since then, I’ve been self-taught, learning through experimentation and drawing inspiration from my surroundings.

How did you end up living in Hawaii?

Once the possibility of living in Hawaii occurred to me, it became my idea of a dream lifestyle, even though I had never visited.  Year round summer weather and warm tropical waters couldn't have been more appealing to me.  Then, in my junior year of college I discovered a student exchange program where I could attend University of Hawaii at Manoa as an in-state student while a local resident took my place in Massachusetts. This became a great way to experience life in Hawaii and confirmed my interest in living here.  Fast forward past my graduation and I found a way back to the aloha lifestyle.

Do you sell prints?

Yes, I am happy to share my images with you and hope that they brighten up your home, bring a smile to your face, and remind you of the beauty that exists in the world. Please feel free to browse my galleries and choose the size and style that works best for you!

Do you have a blog?

Yes, the reason I love travel and photography is that it captures moments from amazing experiences. More than just what you see in the photo is the story that led to that moment, what the location or mood of the image means to me, and more. On each of the photos I’ve included mini-stories, a textual behind the scenes of the photo you’re observing, providing further insight into the art. I also share longer stories and ideas on my blog which you can find here.

What Gear and Equipment do you use?

My current setup is a Canon 5d Mark III.  When I first started shooting I used a Canon t2i which was a fantastic start and helped me develop my familiarity with the camera and personal style. I want to continually improve my skills and work which  was I decided to upgrade. For accessories, I often use the Ikelite underwater housing and the Joby Gorilla Pod. I always carry some sort of water resistant protective covering for my gear so I can be ready for any types of weather. I bring my GoPro along for fun shots and use the 3-way extendable pole for crazy angles.

How do you capture underwater images?

To capture creatures underwater in their natural habitat, I had to learn to free dive. This enables me to stay underwater without emitting distracting bubbles from a set of SCUBA diving gear that might otherwise scare away the fishes and their larger ocean mates. I learned the importance of being calm and respectful in the water, allowing the marine life to accept my presence and approach me. In the water, you must always be mellow and remember that you are a visitor to their world. After a while, the fish will come right up to the lens to say hello and take a look at their reflection for what may be their first time.

Where’s the number one place you want to travel to next?

Bali! With many similarities to Hawaii in terms of jaw-dropping mountainous and oceanic scenery, Bali seems like a place I would thoroughly enjoy. I’m looking forward to go there for diving, hiking, and yoga as well as to experience their culture in terms of food, architecture, and daily lifestyle.

Tahiti is also super high on my list.  If you haven't yet seen the island's crystal clear waters, abundant sea life and stunning mountains, stay tuned!

Email me with any other inquiries at alliekelleykai@gmail.com.


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