Ocean - Allie Kelley
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Waimea Sea and Sky

Waimea is a beach I don’t visit often, but one which holds unique memories. In the summer the water here often become crystal clear, enabling you to float at the surface, look down and clearly see a friend swimming 30 feet below you at the bottom. This clarity and stillness in the summer makes it an excellent training ground for rock running, a fun sport where you hold your breath, testing your lung capacity while running with a heavily weighted boulder in your arms. After being held at the bottom, you can then fly in the opposite direction by jumping off the rock into the water below. The serenity of these summer waters sharply contrasts with the massive and captivating waves of the winter which often summon the best surfers in the world from the far corners of the globe.

WaimeaNorth Shore OahuHawaiiSunset