Ocean - Allie Kelley
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Forces of Nature

Standing in this spot I could feel mist from the crashing waves and spitting cave on my skin. I walked along the edge of the cliff, away from the crowd, and descended a ladder to get as close to the water as possible. From this vantage point, it looked as though the sun was sinking back into Diamond Head, like lava returning to a volcano. At the same time the sky adopted all the colors of the rainbow and the ocean clamored for attention, roaring out of the cave and daring me to come closer to the waves. Amidst it all from where I stood I found an armful of fishing line and debris teetering on the edge of the rock face, endangering the health of the ocean. Thinking of the sea turtles that swim this coastline, I scooped it all up and hope that if you find yourself in this spot you’d do the same for the sea, taking care of the earth while enjoying the rewards of its beauty.