Ocean - Allie Kelley
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Waipio Valley

Have you ever seen a postcard, computer screen saver, or photo on a travel website and thought to yourself, “Wow, one day I would like to be standing right there.” For me, this image captured the realization of that dream. In a remote part of Hawaii, far from Oahu, Waipio Valley’s dramatic cliffs, black sand, and cascading waterfalls surrounded me. The sun rose out of view and the steep drop at my feet kept me from exploring further beyond the branches in my view. This kept focus on the outline of the coastline as it hinted at other epic valleys the distance. From here, I could see a thin trail of switchbacks criss-crossing up the mountainside ahead, calling us on. This will be saved for another trip, one valley at a time.

Waipio ValleyBig IslandHawaii