Underwater - Allie Kelley
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One Breath

Of all the experiences I’ve had in Hawaii, learning to free dive stands out as one of my favorites. With the pressure of the water from above combined with the weightless feeling of floating, and the zen-like mindset that results from the deep breathing before the dive, free diving enables you to enter another world. When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes and thought it looked unattainable. Yet, with steady practice and learning to delay the urge to breathe, one thing that is easier to do when surrounded by a dolphin pod you don’t want to leave, I built up my skills to a point where I can truly enjoy it. Here, I swam about ten feet below the surface on my back, looking up and swimming alongside the turtle. His silhouette on the water and the glistening sparkles from the sun enhanced the dive substantially, uniting us both at sea.