Ocean - Allie Kelley
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Have You Seen These Islands

I try to push myself beyond places that I’ve already been to explore new angles and perspectives. This applies to photography, adventures, and life experiences. Driving home from the West Side of the island I knew I had to get outside and appreciate the sunset after a long day. That morning, I had met with old friends who had not previously visited Hawaii. I planned a multitude of hikes and excursions for the day only to be reminded that wading in Hawaiian waters for the first time on a beach with less than fifty people was a mind altering experience for newcomers in itself. Sharing the beauty of Hawaii with a fresh set of eyes reminded me of the feeling of new discovery. Here, I carried that perspective with me as I went beyond where I myself had gone, to find this spot above the sea where I’ve jumped and swam, looking out at shorelines I’ve dove, and two mountains I’ve climbed. Always stretch, always grow, and appreciate how far you’ve come.

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