Ocean - Allie Kelley
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On a solo trip to Maui, I stretched my comfort zone by exploring what it felt like to travel to a new place independently. Hesitant at first, I decided to lean into my discomfort and follow my intuition which encouraged me to try something new. Maybe I was testing myself, embarking on a mini trip to see if one of lengthier time and distance would be both feasible and enjoyable. The verdict: both are true. Traveling alone was a freeing experience where I could decide on each step on the beach and up on the rocks, follow each whim for what to eat, and take any twist or turn in the road that caught my eye. I met people who I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise and tested angles with my camera with no type of restraint. Looking over Makena Beach, I tip toed across the rocks to these flowers as the ocean formed a curving frame around the plants. The ocean itself here was so clear and blue I could hardly look away. High up above the water surface I could see straight down to the sandy sea floor. When I finally looked up and around, I walked further out onto the rocks and could see four other islands across the ocean surrounding a safe cove for Humpback Whales to seek refuge and give birth to their young, which is what I truly came to Maui to see.