Ocean - Allie Kelley
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Aerial Exploration

I’ll be honest. I am terrified of heights. When I first moved to Oahu there were certain hikes that would send shivers up my spine and cause my legs to tremble. But I never stopped exploring those hikes and beyond them. Each time I face this fear my comfort level expands. I was dangling my feet over the cliff when I took this shot, yet not out of recklessness, but because I had hiked this enough times to know through experience what was feasible for me and could identify a safe and sturdy enough place to perch. Maybe the next step is this gliding through the sky, protected by much less than what a plane can offer. Here, it is you, your parachute, and the sky. Then maybe who knows if floating could lead to free fall, something I never thought I’d do. With each new exploration comes new awareness.