Ocean - Allie Kelley
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Waimea Waves

I discovered this location after the Eddie surf competition was called off last year. Thousands of people had flocked to Waimea Bay to watch the massive waves and the brave souls crazy and prepared enough to ride them. The waves were relentless, but not consistent enough for the judges’ standards. The event was called off and most people abandoned their spots, returning to town or back to their regular lives. The few who stuck around found that the rebel surfers continued to find their waves and we managed to climb up to this lookout point which had previously been flooded by photographers with lenses longer than their legs. Space cleared up and we enjoyed the safety from the shore break offered by the height and also the elevated view of the surf. Over a year later, with waves nearly as large, I climbed back to this spot to watch sunset here for the first time. The massive waves had nearly evacuated the beach, yet this one drifter showed no signs of concern for the waves that were rolling in and continued to circle the beach, creating footprints in the sand while the sun set. I watched him create patterns that the waves soon washed away, soaking up the sunset before the horizon swallowed it whole.

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