Sicily - Allie Kelley
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Planeta Winery

Leading us around his winery following lunch, the owner showed us the inner-workings of the winery. We toured the heart of the business, seeing the factory and production side of the business. He took special care to explain in fine detail the processes the grapes undergo and concluded his tour by taking us into the cellar. Lastly, we experienced an authentic wine tasting on the outdoor patio. Beginning with a sweet white and ending the fourth tasting with a deep, oaky red wine, our palates experienced a wide range of flavors. My favorite was the sweet white infused with mango and pineapple, however I opted to purchase the Rose, which we had not had the opportunity to taste. As we left Planeta Winery, we all purchased their olive oil, which was the best and most fresh that we had tasted in Sicily. The vineyard encompassed the slow food movement we had learned about and also reflected the Italian nature of blending life and business with one’s passions.